System studies
For system studies Phoenix Engineer is familiar with operation technology - ETAP.
Usual system studies that can be performed are:

Short circuit study (check the device duty of all circuit breakers/switchgear and compare it to the manufacturers’ specifications

Load Flow study (identify system power factor, transformer tap changer positions, current direction and flow and bus voltages during normal or emergency operational modes).

Motor starting study (Critical information can be extracted such as voltage drops, motor starting current, motor torque, slip and compare to manufacturers specifications).

Harmonic study (Study can show the total harmonic distortion and determine whether harmonic filters must be installed and what parameters the client must follow when specifying a harmonic filter).

Ground grid study (The ground grid designs are provided using IEEE 80-2000 formulas and the grid step, touch and absolute voltages can be provided on an easily to understand 3D prin).

System studies

System studies