Using the latest software tools, we can supply detailed layouts, contain precise dimensions, and include all of the necessary installation details with manufacturer catalog information and design guides.
For primary design we can made:
Overall Site Layout and elevations.
Voltage levels up to 550kV .
GIS and AIS site plans with primary equipment dimensions, building dimensions, site dimensions, transformer bund details, hazard plans and demolition drawings.
Primary equipment verifications

Manufacturer specification verifications.

Earthing system

Grounding grids for below and above grounding of primary and secondary equipment with installation details (BoQ’s) and calculations proving the integrity of the grid design.

Lightning system

Detailed lightning protection layouts, calculations and installation details for exterior and interior equipment, along with coordinated surge protection devices.

Cable routing

Power cable routing designs with adequate power cable supports from 0.4kV to 550kV power cables, also LV and multicore cable routings, sections, details and BoQ`s.

Tray routing

Detailed cable tray routes along with the cable tray designs and infill reports.

The control & protection system must work in parallel in order to provide full control as well as protection of the primary equipment in a substation.

Phoenix Engineering has an enormous amount of field and design experience in the substation control & protection systems and can provide a variety of services in High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage substations.

For secondary design we can made:
Single Line & Key Line Diagrams

Creations of SLD based on typical arrangements or client request, definition of primary equipment, definition of control & protection operation and principles.

Control & Protection logic diagrams

Logic diagrams of control and protection, inter-locking, inter-tipping, auto close schemes, operational tripping schemes and trip logic

Protection and Control Schematic Diagrams

Production of circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, cable lists, core sheets and equipment connection diagrams

Protection setting

Calculations, selectivity report and relay parameterization

Panel general arrangement

Detail design of control and protection panels as per selected equipment.