Project management

Energy projects are often large, complex and sophisticated. Many projects are unique with unique systems, processes and technical challenges. Without effective supervision, projects generally outperform their budgets and schedules, leading to cost overruns.
Phoenix Engineering with its team manages and maintains control over each project through:
Understanding the technical specification of the client and the exact scope of the project
Clear definition of liability
Control changes in scope, costs and project definition
Project risk assessment and management
Setting up contingency fees
Cost estimation and scheduling
During the training for the implementation of the projects of the final clients, the electric power maintenance and maintenance
The entire organization of the project
All the projects in which we were involved were within the allocated budget, done on time and great endeavor of the end user

Conceptual design

Phoenix Engineering offering a conceptual design in an early phase of the project to support client for best solutions before made a budget. We can make a list of equipment and material list also how many man - hours will be spent on design engineering and commissioning. According to this client can prepare budget with minimal risk.


Consulting Services

Phoenix Engineering provide consulting engineering and design services for new installations as well as repairs and upgrades. The highly trained consultants of our company serve large International Companies, Private Utilities, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience providing professional electrical engineering services to customers throughout Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Belgium, Middle East, The Netherlands. Working with our highly qualified contractors Phoenix Engineering consultants brings the full range of professional services for planning and designing client power system

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with value through the provisioning of engineering services, procurement, construction, operation and management of infrastructure and power projects. We consider the empowerment of our human resources to be fundamental in building a permanent knowledge base.

Design & Engineering

Phoenix Engineering can design, review, verify and comment on all detail on primary layouts, also control and protection systems in parallel to provide full control all over the project.

System Studies

For system studies Phoenix Engineer is familiar with operation technology - ETAP.
Usual system studies that can be performed are:
Short circuit study (check the device duty of all circuit breakers/switchgear and compare it to the manufacturers’ specifications)
Load Flow study (identify system power factor, transformer tap changer positions, current direction and flow and bus voltages during normal or emergency operational modes)
Motor starting study (Critical information can be extracted such as voltage drops, motor starting current, motor torque, slip and compare to manufacturers specifications)
Harmonic study (Study can show the total harmonic distortion and determine whether harmonic filters must be installed and what parameters the client must follow when specifying a harmonic filter)
Ground grid study (The ground grid designs are provided using IEEE 80-2000 formulas and the grid step, touch and absolute voltages can be provided on an easily to understand 3D prin).

3D modeling and visualization

Phoenix Engineering can made 3D concept design, 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion.


Phoenix Engineering has professional engineers for testing and commissioning of various projects in the energy field.
We have experience in testing and commissioning the following:
GIS switchgear up to 550kV
AIS Primary equipment up to 550kV
Power Transformers
Auxiliary Transformers
Motors up to 9MW
AC/DC systems
LVAC switchgear
MV switchgear
Relays testing
Lub oil system
Cooling Water System
Interface with SCADA